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During this time, you are going to feel an array of emotions: excitement, anticipation, and at some point a little stress and anxiety. However, we are here to help relieve some of the stress. Our Catering and Event Specialists are here to help make the process of planning your special day a breeze. Think of them as a wedding coordinator without paying the extra money. From ideas on where to hold your reception to advice on local florists and cake vendors, we are here for you.

Now... let's talk about some details!


The moment has arrived,
the question has finally been asked,
you happily said "yes",
and now it's time to start planning!

Getting Started

 "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start"... Which is easy to do when it comes to reading a book or singing a song. But planning a wedding, where is the best place to start?

In our expierence, the best place would be to start off by narrowing down a date. Having an idea when you want to get married is important in a number of different ways, but it will also be one of the top questions most of your vendors will ask right off the bat so that they can check their availability.

Second. Find yourself a binder, notebook, or if that's just not you, an actual person, to help you stay organized. Between the contracts, payments, color swatches, and picture ideas, you are going to thank yourself for getting one!

The perfect location. Now we are talking about the reception, though we can help with some suggestions for the ceremony. But really our knowledge is more about the reception sites. Whether you are looking for a large banquet facility, a rustic barn, or that unique location that no one would have ever thought about, we've got you covered! Check out the list of just some of our favorite places to go. But keep in mind that we are always looking to add to the list!

So, you picked the date, check! Your binder is ready to be filled with an abundance of wedding paperwork, check! And you know where you are having your reception, check! Now what? really there's a variety of things you can do next. Depending on what's most important to you. Using a bridal guide like will have a bit more detailed information for step-by-step planning.

Now, this is where we usually come into play. Making the arrangements with you for linens, place settings, appetizers, the dinner, the bar, etc. Keeping reading on for more information on all of that!


From basic white linens to just about any color you can imagine, we've got you covered! Since we have such a large variety the best way to see what we carry would be to set up an appointment and actually see the colors for yourself. We offer options for floor length linens as well as a variety of fabrics and patterns to suit your preference. Prices vary greatly depending on what you choose. To give you an idea of the costs, basic linens start at $6 each and upgraded linens start at $12 each.
Plates, bowls, glasses, and flatware... You can't have a wedding without them! We offer 6 different options for Table Goods to suit both your budget and style. From heavy duty plastic disposable sets to full china sets, we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for. Plastic sets start at $2.50 per person and the china is $4.50 per person. And whether you get the plastic or China, your set will include plates and napkins for appetizers, dinner plates, salad plates, flatware, water cups, choice of a linen napkin, and napkins, plates, and forks for your cake. Again, it would be best to set up an appointment to see each set and pick what would best suit your wedding.
Besides linens, napkins, and the table goods, we offer chair covers, table runners, and mirror tiles. When you come in to meet with us ask one of our wedding experts for more details! And if you are looking for tents, tables, chairs, and more specific items, check out the list of local rental companies (click tab), whom we know is sure to have exactly what you are looking for.
Finally, for information about payments, cancellation policies, etc. Click on the tab to the right and read though all our company policies. Should you have any questions, feel free to call us or send us an email. Now, onto the fun stuff...

Time For Some Food!

We are here to help you create a dream menu that your guests will rave about for years to come.
We don't want to limit you to picking from only a certian number of package options.
So we start you with the basics and go from there...
Our Classic dinner buffet starts at $17.50* per person.

This includes choice of 1 salad, 1 vegetable, 1 potato, and 2 entrees with rolls and butter.
Clink on "Main Course Dinner Menu" below to download our Main Course Dinner Selections.

We also offer Family Style, Plated, and Multi-course Dinners starting at only $21.50 per person.
Along with our classic entree choices, we offer upgraded options for Entrees and Sides. Upgraded entrees start at additional $3 more per person depending on your selection.

Upgraded sides are only $1.00 more per person.
Additionally, you can add on any extra items to your menu too. Want an extra vegetable, can't decide between two different potato options, want to offer multiple entrees on your buffet, by all means, go for it! Again don't hesitate to ask our wedding experts for details.

Once you've got some ideas together on the items you are interested in offering for food, we suggest that you setup a time to do a sampling. Sampling is no charge for the first 4 entrees and 2 side dishes you would like to try. After that a small fee will be accessed based on how many more options you would like to try.

*Many of our community facilities and halls require an extra catering fee, commission, or mandatory fee to use their kitchen or facilities. Any of these additional charges will be explained to you and any additional cost will be added to your final total.


No reception would be complete without some libations and a fully stocked bar! Whether you splurge on an open bar for the evening or you decide on providing beer and wine only, our wedding experts are sure to find the perfect package to suit your budget.

 Bar services through ABC Catering are available at any venue that does not offer their own. A number of the venues we cater to have their own bars and do not allow alcohol to be done through anyone besides them. Ask one of our wedding experts if you are unsure about what your venue offers.

 Our bar service is only available to those who have also arranged for their food service with us. This is strictly stated in our liquor license with the state of Illinois and the City of Rockford. In compliance with state laws, each of our bartenders are BASSET certified, so you can rest assured that they will take the appropriate precautions in the serving of alcohol.

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